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About Us

People make a business

Sonop Software chooses to employ only the most dedicated employees to serve its customers. We choose to choose our staff, and often resist the temptation to just fill seats with warm bodies. You should never just trust anyone with your data, neither do we, taking care of our staff is what makes them take care of us. We provide a drug-free workplace and believe it is one of the best environments to work in.

Corporate Bio

Started in June 2006, with one employee, and a vision, Sonop Software (SS) began by offering Document Management and Document Imaging solutions. A limited starting budget led to slow adoption from the users that SS had originally envisioned. Now gaining momentum, we are very satisfied with the market traction we have achieved.

Now over a year down the line, SS is a valued member of the small business community. In June of 2006, SS was accredited with a membership of the Better Business Bureau, indicating not only that SS had successfully landed in the under 50% of small businesses that survive the first year of their business lives, but that it was here to stay.

In the future we expect to grow at a pace that gives our clients maximum satisfaction through a corporate headquaters high level of customer service. This is achieved through human contact, if you email us, we will email or call back, SS will avoid the use of canned responses.

Recent Milestones