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Our History

Evolutionary change

Companies used to beable to operate without any information technology needs. Over time, the personal computer, network server and mainframe computer became more affordable, as the cost of human hours increased and hardware became cheaper. It was apparent to many corporations that they could start producing cost savings and better service to their customers through the implementation of computer systems. However the costs involved with regard to the software needed began to climb. Companies need many different software packages to operate these days, ranging from being a couple of hundred dollars to millions of dollars for a single package.

Your future

Sonop Software was established to provide cost effective solutions to small businesses and medium size businesses. Through the use of the internet and web-based applications leveraging fast servers with efficient code, we can now provide software solutions to your business problems without requiring you to invest money into server based application, servers and IT staff often costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Through this method, our customers require no additional hardware and enjoy the benefits of powerful software solutions, that can be customized to their needs. We are a software company, and thus do not require you to understand software, rather you concentrate on your essential money generating business tasks, and let our software allow you to have your maximum effort expended into your core business tasks.

Recent Milestones

First year anniversary was celebrated on 6/1/2007. Being a small company, SS celebrated the anniversary in quiet confidence, knowing that the year to come would be both fun and productive. Soon to announce a new product, and save businesses money through efficiencies in storage and searching of documents.

SS's Medical Release of information (ROI) system is ready for market. We are currently waiting on HIPAA compliance certification, before releasing the name, and visuals of the new medical ROI system. Watch this space it will be here soon...