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Upgrade your Current Document Management System to iFileroom Today!



iFileroom EDMS with iFind Technology

iFileroom is a secured online electronic document management system. iFileroom can provide you accessibility and security you need and the savings you deserve. iFileroom gives you the ability to quickly:
  • Store
  • Locate
  • view
  • Edit
  • Print

  • iFileroom replaces your current onsite and offsite filing system with a portable, safer, more efficient and cost effective means to store, access, and share documents. Filing of any documents, including word processor files, spreadsheets, audio, video, and files generated by graphics programs.
    Benefits Features
    Accessibility Connect to your documents anywhere anytime
    Savings Eliminates warehousing costs for years of old records.
    Reduces time spent looking for documents.
    Reduces photocopying.
    Productivity iFind ® - indexing and searching technology
    Library services include saving, cataloging, and retrieving files.
    Faster Service Improves response to clients. Improves productivity.
    Document Retention   Automatic document retention and destruction
    Compliance Makes and stores digital backup copies of crucial documents.
    Audit trail
    Security Protect your reputation.
    Prevent data breaches.
    Protect your customers
    128/192/256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard Access control: five levels of security. Permission-based user

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    Our customers rave about our products

    We worked with Sonop software on 2 very complicated web applications that included many ongoing changes by the clients and us. They took all the changes and updates in stride and built a beautiful web 2.0 application and a slick dynamic website that have both been working smoothly ever since. We'd recommend Sonop to everyone who has them on the short list.

    Arthur Fyvolent, CEO Ideas4, Tampa, FL