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  Solution For Moving Big Databases Announced

Solution For Moving Big Databases Announced

4/29/2012 12:00:00 AM

Jonathan Elliott, founder of Sonop Software Corporation has released insights on how to move big files across the internet on the FileBuddha Blog.

In a post this week on, Jonathan Elliott revealed how the FileBuddha Software product is able to break a big file problem into many small segments and reconstruct it at a copy site location.

FileBuddha is designed to handle managed file transfers between geographically separated locations securely over the internet. Moving large nightly backups is a cinch with their compression, encryption, transfer and scheduling technologies all working together seamlessly at a fraction of the cost of their big data competitors. Filebuddha is offering an easily maintainable software only solution to a problem typically solved with expensive hardware and infrastructure investments.

The FileBuddha software product is set for release in July 2012, and is set to save small businesses a ton of frustration and money. To sign up to be on their pre-order list go to and enter your email.

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