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  ISV's Whitelabel Custom Software Development

ISV's apply now to resell our B2B Custom Software Development

8/2/2012 12:00:00 AM

Sonop Software has decided to expand their white labeled custom software development opportunity. We are currently soliciting independent vendors or infrastructure providers who would like to earn significant income through white labelling our software development services.

ndependent vendors and infrastructure providers can feel confident in us developing custom software solutions for their clients in the fields of Insurance, Medical, legal and niche player construction companies, as we have experience in these fields which will in turn be very beneficial to your clients.

Established in 2006, Sonop Software has a reputation for excellence and has a keen eye on protecting their clients data and our existing referral partners, identities and providing value. and believe that all referrals should come back with a positive review.WIth this in mind, we make our white label and referral partners look as good as possible. To form a referral or whitelabel relationship with Sonop Software, contact us on 866-247-5222 x701 or by email on

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Sonop Facts

Many companies think that security of their systems starts and ends with the "S" in https://myurl.
At Sonop security has many levels. With 7 Physical Levels and 6 logical levels of security we consider ourselves leaders.


Saving your time is just part of what we do. Our unique iFind™ technology in combination with our use of fast hardware infrastructure and efficient software helps us to achieve this.


Managing terabytes of customer data means that we need to be using reliable storage technology. Implementing RAID 5 technology on high speed 15000RPM hard disks provides a balance for us betwean speed and reliability.


Accessibility anytime anywhere is a primary concern of ours, and through the use of Intel XEON multi-core processors on multiple rack-mount servers with multiple internet connections provides just that redundancy